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Types of Work Experience You Can Offer

February 22, 2012

The time was when work experience was always 2 weeks in the summer for 15 year old students at school.  Times have changed though and although much of our work is still like that, work experience takes many shapes and forms now.

Vocational Courses

A lot of courses like BTEC Business Studies or GCSE in Health and Social Care will have the requirement of work experience as part of the course.  It might still be a conventional two week placement, or can equally be a one day a week placement for up to 6 months.

Extended Work Experience

This is often for students who are struggling at school for one reason or another.  They may opt for a programme combining work experience for one or two days a week with school or college on the other days.  As the name implies this would be over an extended period, often about 12 weeks, but if its working well for all parties it can be extended further.


We also occasionally organise work placements for adults.  We have worked with unemployed parents in a school project, with Gingerbread as part of a project helping parents prepare to return to work and also with mature students on college courses.

Special Needs

Some students with special needs can benefit from just a few hours a week in a working environment to help them build their confidence.  We have done this with a number of students and have seen how they have benefitted.

So if you are interested in offering work experience, but couldn’t manage someone for a two week block, perhaps some of these other types of work experience might be worth considering.


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