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10 Ways to Improve Your Employability

April 10, 2012

What employability skills have you got?  How could you prove to a potential employer that you have those skills?  What can you do to improve your employability?   This online guide from Price Waterhouse Coopers is designed to help in all those areas.10 Ways to Improve Your Employability

It is in the form of a PDF guide with an interactive online employability test that you can print out at the end (you can’t save your results to your computer).  It is really useful because it doesn’t talk about employability skills in vague terms but gives examples of actions that demonstrate those skills.  So when discussing communication skills for example, one of the questions is ‘can you think of a time when you’ve actively listened to the opinions of others’.

This kind of reflection can help you compile evidence for your CV or to prepare for an interview.  It will not only help you to identify your strengths, but also any gaps in your skills and what actions you can take to improve.  Some of it is geared to their own interns but it is still a useful resource.

The Price Waterhouse Coopers’ Employability Guide is here:
10 Ways to Improve Your Employability

Price Waterhouse Coopers


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