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The Joy of Twitter

October 16, 2012

In February 2012 we began dipping our toes into Twitter and wrote a blog  – “To Tweet or Not to Tweet”.

At the time we weren’t sure how our Twitter account was going to be used but eight months on we have nearly 1200 followers and 1800 Tweets.  It’s been an interesting  journey and this is what we’ve discovered on the way:

Twitter is

               You meet all sorts of people on Twitter 

  • a great way to find up to the minute information eg newly published reports, research and events
  • a window giving an insight into your customers – for example in our case students’ views of work experience
  • a great leveller – enabling you to communicate with all sorts of people
  • a good way to keep in touch with what is going on in your local community
  • a means of supporting your local community by tweeting about news, events, businesses etc  The local business community does a lot for our students so it’s nice to be able to give a little something back.
  • a platform to raise awareness about who you are and what you do

So if you’ve ever wondered why our Tweets are a bit of an eclectic mix, now you know.  We use Twitter for lots of things.


There is a lot of serendipity in Twitter.

Just this week a Tweet popped up alerting me to the fact that the sky dive record attempt from the edge of space had finally started.  Not crucial information and nothing to do with work experience, the community or local businesses.  But it gave me the chance to watch 15 minutes of fascinating live TV.

So to quote Forrest Gump, part of the joy of Twitter is that “you never know what you’re gonna get”.

And finally, Twitter is doable.  It’s short and sweet. A waffle-free zone.  Cue end of post 🙂


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